Along the years I've had extensive experience working with digital media, such as websites, apps, and content creation for social media. I enjoy working on big projects that require a wide array of professionals to bring the final product to life, e.g. when building websites and apps, working with front end and back end developers, UX designers, copywriters.
Through these interactions and collaborations I've been able to see the product through from strategy to launch, overseeing the process along the way, and working closely with UX designers and developers to bring the designs to life and deliver a responsive and engaging digital product.
When it comes to social media content creation, I've been able to collaborate with other content creators to develop engaging and interactive campaigns for Facebook and Instagram for the promotion of movies, TV series and events.

Web Design (XD, Sketch)
Moodboards (Design, Animation and Flow)
Project Management
Social Media Content Creation

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